About Me

I am a Creator of Digital Media. From web design and development to cinematography and video editing, my passion is design. I enjoy creating motion graphics with After Effects and have an interest in growing my skills in 3D modeling and animation.


Mobile Friendly and Valid


jQuery and UI/UX Scripting


PHP5/7 and MySQL


Child Theming and Plugin Creation


Yeah, I can Photoshop that...


DSLR Photo + Video Maniac

Premiere Pro & Audition

Editing and Sound Processing Connoisseur

After Effects

Motion Graphics and Video Effects

My Portfolio

  • Control Laser Corporation

    Control Laser Corporation 2015

    Webdesign, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

  • HobbyLase

    HobbyLase 2016

    Logo+Brand Design, WordPress, ECommerce

  • Syn Nightclub Orlando

    Syn Nightclub Orlando 2013

    Webdesign, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

  • TKE Rush Spring 2013 Banner

    VoteVescio Compaign Site 2012

    Web Design, Custom Drupal 7 Theme

More Coming Soon!


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